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Water Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was fantastic. The did excellent work; the guys were in and out quickly. The whole process was stress free.

When we had a flood caused by our furnace, we called SERVPRO of Howell/Wall to come clean up the mess. They did a wonderful job. The workmen were efficient and professional. I would recommend SERVPRO's service to anyone who needs it.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was great. They were extremely responsive and arrived to my house quickly. The guys did excellent work. They flawlessly and seamlessly worked with my insurance company. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs this type of work done.

The guys from SERVPRO of Howell/Wall were polite, professional, and they cleaned up my flood like nothing even happened. It was amazing the amount of work they had to do. I would recommend them to anyone who needs that kind of work done. They even called to follow up after the work was done to make sure I was happy with everything. These guys were great. 

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall did an excellent job. They were quick to respond and were very efficient & thorough with their work. I would definitely refer them to anyone with emergency needs.

I just used SERVPRO for an investment property. We had a leaky window, which ruined the wall underneath and carpeting. SERVPRO was prompt and professional. They removed the carpeting and part of the wall that was damaged. I would highly recommend this franchise in Howell/Wall for any damage restoration and carpet cleaning.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was impeccable and very professional. They were very quick to respond to our emergency water loss and I couldn't say better things about their team.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was very courteous and prompt and made me confident the job would be taken care of properly.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was very nice & professional on our initial phone call. They were also very prompt to arrive to assess the damages. I would highly recommend their team!!

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall were very quick to respond and very efficient with their work. They explained every step of the job and got it done right. I would highly recommend their team for any emergency needs.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was very courteous, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would not hesitate to refer them to any friends & family.

I was devastated to walk into my disaster and was amazed at the prompt response from SERVPRO of Howell/Wall, especially 2 days before Christmas. I would highly recommend their service to anyone in need. Everyone on their team was extremely helpful and professional.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall were very prompt and communicative. They were professional every step along the way. I would absolutely recommend their team for any service.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was very prompt and took excellent care of my situation and reassured my husband and I. They took the time to explain all the work performed. I would highly recommend their team for any emergency work.

I was pleasantly surprised on the evening of the flood by just how quickly SERVPRO of Howell/Wall responded to our emergency service call. They arrived within 1.5 hours and stayed for several hours that evening conducting their emergency mitigation services. Within 12 hours of the initial call, SERVPRO of Howell/Wall not only addressed the emergency, but had the plan in place to remediate the home. I would highly recommend their team for any emergency service.